Friday, February 19, 2016


Some of you know me, and some of you don't
Regardless of all that, here it goes.

I was born in '93 to two loving parents, little did we know that would change way to soon. When I was three my mother got ill, for three years she fought a battle I don't wish on you. After a bone-marrow transplant all was going well.  that all changed one day and a month later she passed away.
Life was hard, however, we found a way. At a young age the bottle became my friend. From then moving forward things went south. Being 19 without a home, food or phone, and deep depression, I could not live with or without the drugs. I was ready to jump. Little did I know there was a way out.
With allot of hard work, both inside and out I can say today I have been clean for three years. Whatever your struggles in life may be, remember it can always get better.
God is great, just look around, see the sun and the moon, and the water in the sea.

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