Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My new life

I wanted to share some poetry with you all. 
Please give some feedback.

Contemplating thought and the purpose I will serve.
Seeking to find the needy and give the help they deserve.
Seeking to be more I must be at my best.
Draw my own opinions stand apart from all the rest.
Isolated, drifting, outcast yet I know I'm never alone.
In his path to freedom the solution I've been shown.
No longer lost in sadness my faith has set me free.
I strive for something better a quest to search for me.
Searching in the shadows no more demons do I find.
In my faith there is salvation it saved my shattered mind.

No longer trapped in yesterday I'm living for today.
Today I must take action no time I can't delay.
My motives are not self seeking I try to help them all.
Today I will live better and to my past can never fall.
Today my life's so different the pleasures that I feel.
My action's can't be selfish the consequences are for real.
I've ventured for his glory so I may be granted peace.
I am a better person threw torment I found release.
Life is wondrous I heard them say.
I chose to follow their every way.
The changes happened they seemed so fast.
If I don't give up forever they'll last.
Today there's hope and true salvation.
To follow his way is a revelation.
Every moment I feel his love,
and every obstacle will rise above.

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