Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One day or one week

Not that long ago I had one of those days, you know those days where you feel like everything's going the wrong way you wish you could just restart the day?  You can.
About a week ago I was having one of those days, where all seemed wrong. Towards the end of the day. the thought came to me, what is just one day out of a lifetime? For an addict even in recovery a negative thought like this can be life threatening. I came across an amazing piece of poetry. It goes as follows,
  One day out of a week
  One day out of a month
  One day no big deal,
  One day can change the week
  One day can change the month
  One day can change your life
  One day is a big deal.
Then it hit me like a lightning bolt. Just because today is not the best day, there is so much positivity in yesterday, last week and last moth. Why should I not use that positivity as a spring board for today, and tomorrow.

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