Friday, July 15, 2016

I used to think if I was vulnerable and told people my real story it would be the end of me. But I did it anyways,and what I've found is that whenever I'm courageous and let people see the real me-all of my messes, mistakes, errors,and imperfection. I find new beginnings bursting with empathy not endings. I hear "me too" a lot more often,and it's easier for my heart to connect to another person now that I don't spend all my time trying to hide or pretend I'm someone I'm not. I'm imperfectly worthy and committed to vulnerability. That is why I am able to speak in front of many different audiences and in many different settings through out the United States and tell my story.

 I am available to speak in your city, for your organization, school, or synagogue.
Please contact me at 443-415-0449 or at for fee and scheduling information.