Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Living with PTSD

In the Jewish faith, the Western Wall in Jerusalem is the holiest place today that one can go to pray. It is the wall built around the Temple Mount, and the closest one can get to the place that the holy Temple once stood.  Out of respect for such a holy site many people, myself included, walk away slowly.
On Wednesday while praying, I saw a child molester whom I recognized, and he was trying to prevent me from noticing him. For some reason, seeing this specific  individual shook me to my core, and I freaked out. I fought to contain myself, however, that resulted in a more normal appearance of bursting out in tears. While I experienced this meltdown I asked God why he lets such people who destroy innocent lives walk free as if they are good people. After this short discussion with God, I freaked out again and ran away as fast as I could. That night I was awake  most of the night. Despite thinking I am ok, and not suffering from PTSD symptoms anymore, I had a nightmare and replayed my abuse over in my dreams gain.

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