Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Being Around Alcohol

  As you probably know by now, I am a recovering alcoholic/addict who has almost four years of complete abstinence from both alcohol and drugs.
This Sunday night through Tuesday was The special days of 19-20 Kislev. On Monday night I went to a Farbrengen*at which alcohol is served. Another attendee who knows my story asked how I can be around alcohol without needing to take a drink. I did not answer him at the time, However, I would like to answer his question on this forum. I find that a few things need to be in place for me to be able to attend a gathering at which people will be drinking.
Let's first understand better what a Farbrengen is. A Farbrengen is not just another gathering or party. It is where a time that we get together for the sake of encouraging each other in our spirituality.

  Back to the original question. How can someone in recovery attend an event with alcohol? First and foremost, make sure that there is a good reason to attend.  You do not want to be hanging around alcohol for no good reason. After making sure that your motives are clean, Speak to another sober person and mention to them that you will be attending an event with alcohol. Bounce your thoughts off of them as to why you feel it is right for you to be going. And finally, make sure you have an escape plan/idea in case you need to leave.

*A Farbrengen (/fɑːrbrɛnɡɛn/, from the Yiddish פארברענגען, meaning "joyous gathering"; German verbringen "to spend [time/solidarity/festivity together]") is a Hasidic gathering. 

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