Friday, December 2, 2016

Writing inspiration

I was talking to a cousin of mine who mentioned that although I may not always feel a push to write, it is important to continue writing so that others can benefit. In that spirit, I bring back my blog.

A week and a half ago, someone that I know here in Baltimore Shot himself in the head. While talking to the family, I found out that he has been bullied for many years, and judged for his differences. Yes, I wanted to escape the reality of my feelings, but I knew that would not help. After a while, I would feel and it would be so much harder. What I can do is learn and grow from this other person's suffering and give his life, and death meaning.

Just a reminder that not everyone is as you perceive them to be. Maybe our perception is out of ignorance. Perhaps maybe fear of the unknown. But you remember YOUR words and actions could be the reason someone lives or dies, you might just be a little kinder. It is sad that some people expect to be treated better than they treat the others around them. Love truly spreads farther than hate.

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