Monday, September 11, 2017

9/11 through the eyes of a Seven year old

As I sit here by my computer, I can not help but think back to the day that changed the world forever.
Imagine for a moment what it was like for a second grader. I remember when we were at school, and already before he bell rang at nine O'clock, the word spread that there was a terrorist attack in New York city. Rumors were spreading, yet we did not have facts. No one knew much, but we knew even less. I remember thinking about all the People I know in New York, The friends, the family, etc.(Years later I found out that a cousin of mine was killed on that day.) I was scared. Soon after class started, the teacher told us that as an extra precaution, all the schools were closing. You would think that for a young student at the beginning of the second grade that I would be happy to have a day off school, but no. As my father was at work, I went home with a friend, when his parents went out of the room, we turned on the T.V. and saw the news. After a few minutes of watching the news, his parents walked back into the room. I turned to my friend's parents and asked why can God let this happen. As expected there was no way to answer the question.
When my father came home from work that night, he would not talk about it. He told me to stop thinking about it, let the adults deal with it. I could not let it go.
while it is not much, I hope that this blog post gives you some perspective on what it was like to be seven years old on September eleven,  the day that changed the world forever.

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